1.ATTENDANCE: Student are instructed to attend the college regularly. 75% attendance of student is must in the semester/Academic Session as per University/Higher Education Rules any student who fails to complay this rule will not be allowed to appear in the main University Examination. Regular attendance and obedience are expected in the college discipline.
2.Under no circumstances are mobile cell phone to be brought to the college. If a student is found to be in possession of one. It will punished with fine.
3.Ragging is strictly prohibited. It is acriminal offence as per Supreme Court judgement. Any student found indulging in ragging will be removed from college.
4.Student must not damage college property.
5.The College reserves the right to suspend or take disciplinary action against a student whose conduct is harmful to the collefe, staff or other students.
6.Each student is provided with an Identity Card (I-Card), wich must be brought to the college every day.
7.No fee once paid shall be refunded on any account.
8.College providing the facilities of instruction in both English and Hindi Language. Students must specify her medium in the application form.
9.Students who involves in any type of unfair means during Examinaion will be registered for further disciplinary action.
10.Students should take care to look up the Notice Boards on coming to or leaving the college premises.The college will not be responsible for any loss/harm that comes to the students on account of her neglect of the notice on board.
11.The college can not take responsiblity for lost articles and money.
12.If you have any suggestion regarding the college, you may put it in the suggestion.
13.The fee for thee academic session/Semester will be collected in two equal installments. The 1st installment is payable at the time of admission. The second installment will have to be deposited on or before 15th September.
14.On Joinnig the college a studsent becomes liable to abideby by the rules and regulations of the college. The decision of the principal shall be final in all matters of disciplines and enforcement of rules and regulations.
15.Parents/Guargians are requested not to visit teacher/students during class hours. In case of urgent necessity, please take permission from the Principal.


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