The college was established by Shri Guru Nanak Education Society in 2002. The Main aim of society is to educate the women of all communities. To brighten and secure the future of all communities and country, we have to concentrate our attention and energy for bringing up girls. There is a good old proverb. "If you educate a boy, you are educating an individual and if you are educating a girl, you educating a family". The society aims at the wholesome development of the student with balanced personality based on moral values and principles.
The College offers degree courses in B.Sc., B.A., B.Com. And Post Graduate Course in M.Com. We also offer professional courses in B.C.A and B.B.A.
The active members of the Shri Guru Nanak Education Society are President – Sardar Sartaj Singh Bedi, Vice President -Sardar G. S. Banga, Secretary - Sardar Devendra Singhg Maini and other Members are Saradar Joginder Singh Basoor, Sardar Gurdeep Singh Pahwa, Sardar Narendra Singh Pahwa and Sardar Man Mohan Singh Hora.
With a glorious past of nine years the college enjoys the distinction of being one the best college n Jabalpur. Above all, the college has well-qualified teaching staff that teacher the students with care and dedication.


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